REAL FRESH FOAM Green Tea|Blueberry|Cranberry

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Slightly wet your face and hands and dispense 1-3 pumps onto your palms. Gently massage the foam around your face and neck. Rinse off the residue with lukewarm water and gently pat down with a towel.

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REAL FRESH FOAM Green Tea|Blueberry|Cranberry
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Gentle and Hydrating Foam Cleanser Formulated from Natural Ingredients and Real Green Tea leaves

For all skin, especially dry skin and dehydrated oily skin

100% Actual Real Fruit + Real Fruit Extracts

Further Combined with 99 naturally-derived ingredients!

Freshness of 100% real fruit!

Directly provides the effect of 100% real fruit to the skin

Containing 99 kinds of natural ingredients!

Pore caring, skin calming, moisturizing

Proved skin change by 7 clinical test!

Effective skin improvement results

No skin dryness! Moisturizing cleansing

Gentle and hydrating cleansing through rich foam lather

Unstimulated relief care Completed clinical test!

1st cleansing foam that acquired ‘unstimulated’

Real Green Tea leaves

Helps remove skin waste and soothe the skin with catechins

Green tea water 60%

Replaces water


Blueberry Helps maintain glowing, and hydrated skin through a constant supply of moisture

This foam cleanser contains real cranberries on the bottom of the bottle. It is free of harmful ingredients: Ethanol, Talc, Sulfate, Animal Ingredients, BHA, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, BHT, Artificial Pigment, etc. The rich foamy lather transforms skin with pore-caring, skin-calming, and moisturizing ingredients. Completed 7 clinical tests: Skin changes tested through 7 clinical tests. Resulting in effective skin improvement.


Promotes vitality for radiantly glowing skin through delivery of powerful skin revitalizing energy

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REAL FRESH FOAM Green Tea|Blueberry|Cranberry
Special Price QAR 170.00 Regular Price QAR 255.00